Really? I really got this LinkedIn message.


Hello Denise,

I happened to be helping my son with some jobs and setting up his linked-in profile and we came upon your name. He does not have his profile completed yet and believe it or not, he now has the flu and is not working on it at all. At any rate I told him I would send you a message and ask if you take on clients who are PhD students. He will defend in December and his area of interest is Supply Chain his degree will be in Operations Research.

I was wondering if you would look at his resume and let him know if he is someone you feel you could help.

Thank you so much, Linda Anonymous

My son is Steven Anonymous and I am guessing he won’t feel like completing his profile until tomorrow or the next day depending.”

Yes, I could even be guilty of over parenting at times and Abby would be the first to admit that.  However, there comes a time when you CAN NOT make your son’s resume, design his LinkedIn page OR get him a job.

There is no recruiter or employer on the planet who would hire this kid despite the fact that he will have his PhD.

Parents, let your kids design their own success and develop their own career.

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