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Finding a new job is almost a full-time job.  Organizing everything in one place can be daunting, especially if your search lasts for more than a few months.  Let’s face it, the average middle management job search often takes 4-6 months.  Six months is a long time to remember all of the “when”, “where” and “to whom” you applied.  

I always recommend that you pick one place where you can keep your “career file”.  Evernote or Dropbox are good places to store your career information so that if you want or need a new job you are already a step ahead.  It is a smart plan to keep an updated resume, industry recommendations, work reports, industry awards, project accomplishments, public and personal reviews, published articles and anything else which help to tell the story of your career.  With all of these items are in one place, then you know right where to go to start a job search.  Now, you are ready to sell yourself.

Recently, I came across Huntr and I’m very excited to share it with you.  Essentially, Huntr is a job organization tool which is based on a Kanban Board.  Since I am certified in Lean Six Sigma, this is really exciting stuff to me.  I hope that whether or not you use or know lean principles that you will see the value of this awesome software.  The best part is that it is FREE, not to mention easy to use.  Huntr keeps track of every detail about your job applications – notes, dates, tasks, job descriptions, salaries, locations, company data and more.

I reached out to the designer, Rennie Haylock, and asked him why he made such a cool software.

“I graduated from the University of British Columbia, almost two years ago, with a degree in Computer Science. It was highly encouraged to apply for internship positions, so I had to go through the job search process as both an intern and finally as a new graduate. I ended up using a mix of email, calendars, and Trello to keep track of it all. Some of my friends used Google spreadsheets. It was a frustrating process. This is where the idea for Huntr was born, to build a dedicated tool for visualizing, tracking and managing your job search.” ~ Rennie Haylock

The best part is that you can collect jobs from across the web using their awesome Chrome Extension which can save jobs from large job sites like Indeed and LinkedIn as well as company career pages.  The premium plan offers an email discovery tool to help reach decision makers directly as well as targets and metrics to keep your job search on track. You can keep all of this organized right from your Huntr dashboard.  In the future, Rennie, is considering a “briefcase” feature which would mean that you could transfer your “career folder” from Dropbox.  You set that up already, right?

Should you find yourself in career transition, I hope that this tool is helpful for you. If you give it a try, I’d love to know what you think.

Rennie, Thank you for your contribution.  I wish you much success with Huntr and will continue sharing it with others.

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