Are You a Job Hopper?


Job hopping seems to be losing its stigma.  People are much more comfortable with frequent career moves than they have been in the past. There are some industries where job hopping is more acceptable than others but it is certainly increasing across the board.

I worked in and recruit exclusively for the logistics and supply chain industry and as our industry becomes more complex and more technology focused, we are seeing more frequent job changes.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that workers aged 25 to 34 change jobs every three years.  While employees over 35, make a change every five and a half years.  I think that frequent job changes, early in your career, do offer a fast track to advancement in that you are growing, changing and gaining new experiences much faster by making a company switch instead of remaining at the same place.

I also think that there is a “I’m not going to stay here any longer than I need to” worker mentality that we need to change.  There is no more employer/employee loyalty anymore and it’s all about “what is in it for me” mindset.  I say this frequently, but the days of my grandfather working for one company his entire career and retiring with a gold watch are over and they shouldn’t be.

Overall, employers need to do a better job of finding and keeping top employees.  Through a solid onboarding experience and continued training and mentorship, companies can hold on to an employee and encourage them to grow with the company.  It’s mutual success.

Most people think of their “next” job…keep in mind the end game too. 

If you find yourself working someplace that doesn’t appreciate you or in an environment that you’ve quickly outgrown then it is completely okay to change jobs. Keep in mind that changing jobs frequently may hurt your career in the long run. When considering a company change, be sure that you can later demonstrate that doing so brought you personal/career growth and increased skills and responsibility.  

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